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Spring 2013 Coaching

This Spring the Saturday coaching starts on Saturday 2nd Febuary.


Club Champion 2013

Richard Mosely was first back and hence champion as 2013 club champs held at Low Park Sizergh.

Sprint and Middle Champs 2012

Many fine performances at the British Sprint & Middle Champs

Sprints - W55A Liz Hindle 6th, W60B Dianna McClure 1st, W65A Carol McNeill 3rd, M14B Noah Howlett 1st, M16A Adam Bartlett 2nd=, M70B Mike Atherton 1st.

Middle - W12 Megan Bartlett 5th, W16 Natalie Beadle 2nd, W45 Rebekah Beadle 3rd, W65 Carol McNeill 3rd, M16 Angus Dobson 2nd, M55 Derek Allison 6th, M60 Dick Towler 6th.