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                                 Lakeland Club Handicap 2014   

The Club Handicap is being held at Great Tower Camp Site on Sunday January 12th.

The following pdfs give course and handicap start times having been updated on Wed Jan 8th 11pm

alphabetic order files/Club_Champs_Alphabetic_140108.pdf .

time order  files/Club_Champs_Time_140108.pdf  .

course start order files/Club_Champs_Course_Time_140108.pdf .

If your details are wrong, or you cannot find your name, or you want to be added as a VERY, VERY, VERY late entry then please contact Richard Tiley by email - richard dot tiley at tiscali dot co dot uk.

Changes to handicaps may be discussed at the bar to the Anglers Arms before the next Club Meeting on Thursday evening this week. Don't hold your breath . . . 


                            Lakeland Club Handicap 2014   

The Club Handicap was held at Great Tower Camp Site on Sunday January 12th followed by lunch and prizegiving at Greenodd Village Hall.

Results can be found in the results section.

Megan Bartlett was declared Club Champion for 2014.

Dick Towler was awarded the Fast Cat trophy.

Daisy Fletcher-Cooney was awarded the Ian Blakey Memorial Shield.

Derek Fryer was awarded the Navigator Trophy

Sarah Jones and Carl Edmonds were nominated as Best Junior girl & boy.

Club Awards are detailed under the "About Us" section of this website.



                         LOC/WAROC Night Event Series 2013                                

                                       Sponsored by Haglofs  

The 4th Warloc Urban event was held around Ulverston south of the A590. The contrast to the previuous weeks event couldn't have been greater with torrential rain and wind as a huge squall hit 20minutes before the start. Your chairman managed to have problems with his headtorch and missed the mass start by over a minute. Any ideas of trying to look at a sodden map under the shelter of the railway bridge proved futile as the rain was coming in horizontal!

Thanks to Simon Filmore for setting the course (and collecting the controls) in atrotious conditions. 

Results after all seven events can be found here files/WAROC_Series_Results_2013.pdf .

Helper Teams

                                       Helper Teams 2014


Lakeland have a Computer Team of helpers for events, and three further "general" helper teams.

The current listing may be found under the Contact tab of this website.

Night Series Report 2013

LOC/WAROC Night Event Series 2013


Sponsored by Haglofs


Congratulations to the Winners of the LOC/WAROC Night Event Series 2013, in which 75 people took part.

The Winners are:

M16+           Will Rigg                                  LOC

M21+           Bruce Duncan                           LOC

M50+           Richard Lecky-Thompson          LOC


W16+         Katie Wright                               LOC

W21+         Jo Cleary                                    LOC

W50+         Rebekah Beadle                          LOC


Prizes, donated by Haglofs, will be presented at the LOC Club Chmpionships on 12th January 2014.

This series has been very successful. Despite dreadful weather on some occasions, turnout has been very good, encouraging us to organise more events of this type during the winter and autumn months next year.

Many thanks for your support.


Dick Towler