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O Bread

During my recent cycle tour of Sweden came across this special  bread for night orienteering.


But not being into Night  O,  I   had some ice cream instead to celebrate the completion of my 2000km circuit.

May be cycling past all those forests  will prompt me to get of my bike and take up O again ?

Looking forward to returning to Roanhead for the LOC Cumbria gallopen event on the 24th October 2010.   I think my last visit was for the 1994 Club Championships.  My singe first place,  abet in a handicapped event. 


With a little help from....

This web site would not have been possible with out lots of Open Source Developers spread across the  World I have listed them, with some commercial suppliers,  in >> Acknowledgements.

Within LOC thanks to:

Members of the LOC Web Group for their feedback and advise

Sheila Hobson,  Iain Ward-Smith and Jim Dominy for advise and feedback

Bob  Foster and John Nash for their guidance.

But as ever errors and omissions remain my responsibility.  

tfclubchamp94200by250 LOC Club Champion 1994
photo (and garland?) courtesy Carol McNeil

Tim Field

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